Peter Palushi comes from a family of talented and professional barbers, so naturally he was destined to become one. His family moved from Kosovo to Croatia, where he spent his days as a young child watching and observing the different barbering techniques that would soon make him stand out amongst his peers. At age 9, he performed his first shave on one of his relatives and it was then that he knew he wanted to become a master barber.

Peter's professional career began when he turned 12 and became committed to being the best. At age 17, He won the national championship as the youngest Croatian barber. It was at that time he decided he wanted to explore the world and learn everything he could about the craft.

                      Editors' OBSESSION section, westchester Magazine, march 2016

                      Editors' OBSESSION section, westchester Magazine, march 2016

Peter has traveled to Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Netherlands, England, Austria, and Canada. He worked for some of the best establishments in the world such as Truefitt & Hill, which originally served as the main barbers for the British Royal family and New York’s prestigious, The Art of Shaving. His knowledge and experiences have fine-tuned his craft into a quality that distinguishes him from everyone else. He continuously stays on the cutting edge of the latest styles and trends and his methods and mastery are of the highest quality.

Peter has currently decided to lay a foundation down and be the sole owner of his own business where he can incorporate his world renowned expertise and offer superb masculine grooming.