Gentleman's Barber Spa in White Plains Introduces Gentleman's Beard Oil

We are thrilled to formally introduce Gentleman's Beard Oil

If you have a beard, you already know: just like the hair on your head, your facial hair needs a certain amount of care to maintain the kind of look and feel you want. 

It's a good idea to use Gentleman's beard oil from the beginning of your beard-growing process, in order to keep your face from getting dry, irritated or itchy. But it's always better late than never when it comes to beard care. So if you have a beard, it may be time to start with Gentleman's beard oil to infuse the correct moisture balance into the individual follicles. 

Our beard oil is paraben, preservative and toxin free. Peter Palushi, founder of Gentleman's Barber Spa and the man behind the new Gentleman's products, believes in the highest quality products for his clients: 

"First of all, our clients trust us to be the experts in men's grooming, and to give them the right advice about their look or their products. We take care of our clients hair, beards and skin - not just cuts and shaves. So we make sure to find great products with natural, healing ingredients to help our customers look their best."  

You only need to use a little at a time - five to eight drops will do it for shorter beards. If used properly, the ingredients in the oils work their way into your beard, making it healthier and more robust looking, while also making it more comfortable on a day-to-day basis. 

The oil has health qualities that go beyond your beard; your face will also benefit from the conditioning and moisturizing. 

We all know people with beards - long, short, or just plain huge, Gentleman's beard oil will tame, heal and make your beard look like a million dollars. 

Call or stop by the shop anytime to purchase or find out more! 

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