Westchester's Gentleman's Barber Spa Presents: Best Haircuts For Men

The best haircuts for men encompass a wide variety of styles that are sure to complement any personality. These cuts range from the fade and undercut haircuts on the sides as well as the quiff, faux hawk, crop top, and comb over on top. As the top men’s hair trends continuously evolve, it’s important that guys keep trying new hairstyles.

If you’re looking to update your look with a trendy men’s haircut or cool hairstyle for guys, here are the most popular cuts and styles of the year. From the taper fade to the disconnected undercut and the side part to spiky hair, the best hairstyles offer something for every guy.

Best Men’s Hairstyles

The modern gentleman’s haircut requires more than just a good trim. While the best barber can cut your hair perfectly, it’s essential that men choose the right haircuts to begin with. And what hairstyle you should get depends on several factors, including your face shape, hair type, preferred length, and desired hairstyle.

To understand all the different types of popular haircuts for men to get right now, check out this awesome guide by MensHairstylesToday.



The fade haircut has been one of the most popular men’s haircuts for generations, and that will continue for the foreseeable future. While there are many types of fade haircuts, the general idea is always the same: fades involve cutting hair so that it becomes increasingly shorter down the sides, around the ear and nape of the neck. The best fade haircuts work well for virtually every hair type, including straight, curly, wavy, thick, or thin.

There are high, low and mid fades which determine where the tapering starts. A high fade starts at the top of the sides of your head while a low fade starts immediately above the ears, and a mid fade starts in between. High fades tend to be bolder while low fades subtler, and if you really want to make a statement, you can go with a skin fade. The bald fade buzzes hair down to the skin for a very short cut.


While an undercut is like a fade in that the hair on the sides is shorter than the hair on top, there is one noticeable difference: the length. Whereas a fade involves gradually shorter hair toward the ears and the nape, an undercut is the same length all the way around.

It is by and large one of the most popular cuts among hipsters and young men who want to style a slicked back undercut. The undercut works best for men who have thick straight hair, but it can be incorporated into wavy and curly hairstyles for a trendy look.

The disconnected undercut, which is the boldest variation of this cut, requires very short hair along the sides to create a high contrast look. Try growing a thick beard with your cool undercut for a very masculine, alpha-male look.

Comb Over

The comb over was once negatively attributed to balding men who combed their hair over from one side to the other to hide a severely receding hairline or thin hair. However, in recent years, the comb over fade has become one of the hottest hairstyles for guys.

In fact, the comb over is an iconic style that more and more men have fallen in love with – and for good reason. It provides a number of styling options and works well with virtually any hair type and texture.

Nowadays, a comb over is the description given to a haircut that involves at least 2 to 3 inches of hair all combed to one side. For an edgy finish, guys can ask their barbers to add a hard part.

Of all the haircut styles trending for 2019, the comb over fade haircut is one of the most recognizable and timeless. The medium-length hair on top is perfect for styling a pompadour, slick back, quiff, or even spikes, if you decide you want to change up your look in the middle of the week.


The modern quiff provides the perfect balance between classic styles and stylish new trends. There are several different types of quiff hairstyles, but most men opt for the textured look that looks relaxed and casual. While styling a quiff does require good hair product and time, this cool hairstyle is well worth the effort and trouble.

A quiff requires at least 3 inches of hair on top to create, and should be paired with an undercut or fade for a dapper look. Wax will give you lift and hold without the shine, which makes your style look more natural; a pomade takes things to the next level and gives you a more professional, formal, or refined look with a hint of shine.

Slicked Back Hair

Slicked back hair was once the prevalent bad-boy greaser hairstyle. Though it’s true that this style gained its notoriety back in the 1950s, the slick back is still one of the most popular haircuts for men, according MensHairstylesNow.com.

Though the haircut comes in many styles, it is characterized by brushing your hair straight back and away from your face. Many men prefer medium-length hair from the top to the sides slicked back with a high-hold, high-shine pomade, but others pair their slicked back cuts with a chic undercut or even a high skin fade for a more aggressive look. In this case, they may opt for matte hair styling products.

More men than ever before choose the slicked back haircut because it’s so very easy to style and works well in numerous situations. You can go from day to night in a flash by using hair wax in the morning for a natural, effortless look and a high-shine pomade in the evening for a badass finish.

Faux Hawk

The full mohawk is most commonly seen among the punk crowd, and while many men enjoy the look, it’s a bit too loud for their everyday lives. Thanks to the introduction of the faux hawk (sometimes called fohawk), it has been transformed from the huge, tall spikes associated with the mohawk haircut to something much subtler.

Believe it or not, the faux hawk is versatile enough to be your everyday style. The faux hawk fade has been trending strong in recent years and will continue to be a hotly requested cut in barbershops around the world.

To get a faux hawk, you will need at least 2 to 3 inches of length on the top paired with short sides. Guys can go with a narrow or wide strip of longer hair on top. Longer spiked hair may stand out in crowds, but short spiky hair is a better choice for business professionals.

On off days, guys can even style a brushed up hairstyle or add a fringe. Nevertheless, one thing is for certain – you will need a good high-hold product to create and maintain your style.

Best Men’s Hairstyles

With so many types of cool men’s hairstyles, guys have several choices. From the comb over and side part to spiky hair and faux hawk, there are excellent haircuts for men with short, medium or long hair. Visit your barbershop today, talk to your barber, and get a hot new hairstyle and haircut today!

Gentleman's Barber Spa in White Plains Introduces Gentleman's Beard Oil

We are thrilled to formally introduce Gentleman's Beard Oil

If you have a beard, you already know: just like the hair on your head, your facial hair needs a certain amount of care to maintain the kind of look and feel you want. 

It's a good idea to use Gentleman's beard oil from the beginning of your beard-growing process, in order to keep your face from getting dry, irritated or itchy. But it's always better late than never when it comes to beard care. So if you have a beard, it may be time to start with Gentleman's beard oil to infuse the correct moisture balance into the individual follicles. 

Our beard oil is paraben, preservative and toxin free. Peter Palushi, founder of Gentleman's Barber Spa and the man behind the new Gentleman's products, believes in the highest quality products for his clients: 

"First of all, our clients trust us to be the experts in men's grooming, and to give them the right advice about their look or their products. We take care of our clients hair, beards and skin - not just cuts and shaves. So we make sure to find great products with natural, healing ingredients to help our customers look their best."  

You only need to use a little at a time - five to eight drops will do it for shorter beards. If used properly, the ingredients in the oils work their way into your beard, making it healthier and more robust looking, while also making it more comfortable on a day-to-day basis. 

The oil has health qualities that go beyond your beard; your face will also benefit from the conditioning and moisturizing. 

We all know people with beards - long, short, or just plain huge, Gentleman's beard oil will tame, heal and make your beard look like a million dollars. 

Call or stop by the shop anytime to purchase or find out more! 

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Gentleman's Barber Spa: The Barber Shop Where NYC Athletes Go for Men's Grooming

A collection of Knicks and NYCFC current and former players and coaches with the Master Barbers of Gentleman's Barber Spa 

A collection of Knicks and NYCFC current and former players and coaches with the Master Barbers of Gentleman's Barber Spa 

Since opening in 2015, Gentleman's Barber Spa has become the preferred barber for many local athletes. Some New York Knicks and NYC FC players and coaches have become loyal clients. They come to the shop in White Plains for an upscale, superior level of barbering services. 


Above we have the Head Coach of New York City Football Club with one of his assistant coaches. Before taking the helm of NYCFC, Coach Patrick Vieira was a World Cup winner and international superstar as a player. They came by to get their looks updated and cleaned up. Nice work by Goni! 


Marshall Plumlee, recent New York Knicks signee, stopped by for a fresh cut last month. Undrafted, he took a different path to the NBA than his two NBA-veteran brothers, Miles and Mason. He told the NY Daily News he looks forward to "getting his hands dirty" this year. We're hoping he makes the roster - he could add toughness to the defense with his 7-ft frame! 


MLS players for NYCFC, Frederic Brilliant and Shannon Gomez, came in to enjoy a cut and shave at Gentleman's Barber Spa. Frederic Brilliant, a solid soccer veteran, is a 30-year old French center back. He has made 79 appearances for the Belgian first division side over the past three seasons. Prior to that Brillant amassed 185 total appearances in Belgian professional football since 2005.

  Shannon Gomez is a quick youngster capable of playing as a right back or on the wing. Gomez joined NYCFC for their final preseason camp of 2016 and impressed enough to earn a contract. The Trinidad and Tobago international is an intriguing prospect for the future.


All-time Knicks great, John Starks, stopped by to talk style with Gentleman's Barber Spa founder, Peter Palushi, at the Javitz Center during an industry show. 

All-out style stamped him as one of city’s most popular athletes during memorable eight-year Knicks career (1990-91 through 1997-98)...NBA All-Star in 1994, All-Defensive Second Team in 1992-93, League’s Sixth Man of the Year in 1996-97...Averaged 14.1 points as a Knick and played key role on 1994 Eastern Conference Championship team...Knicks’ all-time career leader in three-point field goals (982), 11th in total points (8,489), eighth in assists (2,394), seventh in steals (711)...Authored one of the most famous plays in team history - “The Dunk” - in final minute of NY’s win over Chicago in Game Two of 1993 Eastern Conference Finals (May 25, 1993).

Check back for more updates, news, style tips and more on the Gentleman's Blog. 

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Gentleman's Barber Spa At 'Best of Westchester 2016' Party

We were honored this year by winning Westchester Magazine's, "Best of Westchester 2016 - Best Barbering Experience"


Owner and Founder, Peter, was invited to receive the award. 

Look for the prestigious award mounted in the shop! 

Look for the prestigious award mounted in the shop! 

Peter was also on hand, and a really good sport, providing party guest with a free Lather Shave! 


Founder of Gentleman's Barber Spa Performs the Hot Lather Shave at the Best of Westchester 2016 Awards Party

Founder of Gentleman's Barber Spa Performs the Hot Lather Shave at the Best of Westchester 2016 Awards Party

All in all it was a fantastic evening. It was a real honor to receive the award for Best Barbering Experience, and a blast giving free shaves to some great business people. Hopefully we'll see them soon at the shop! 

Gentleman's Barber Spa Interviewed for Westchester Magazine Article

Gentleman's Barber Spa founder, Peter Palushi, was interviewed for a recent Westchester Magazine article about current men's hairstyles. Peter was quoted several times for his knowledge of men's hairstyle and grooming trends, and the article contains several photos of haircuts at our barbershop! 

Thanks to Westchester Magazine for coming to us about Men's Style. Check out the link, or read the full article text below:



The Most Popular Men’s Hairstyles In Westchester

Local stylists tell us the cuts guys are asking for.


If you’re like a lot of men, you may be wearing the same hairstyle you were wearing a decade ago. It’s easy, after all, and it looks fine—so why fix what isn’t broken? The thing is, your hair says as much about your style, if not more, than your choice of shirts, ties, and shoes. So what better time to spruce up your look than spring? We asked some Westchester salons for the most popular men’s hairstyles this season, and received the following 13 trending styles for men.  


Man Bun

Lindsey Jennex, master stylist at The Beauty Box in Rye, says the man bun has become very popular in the last couple of years.

“Some are cleaner than others in the sense that the man bun can look more professional and finished, while others have a more ‘surfer’ or bohemian. This tends to be a large growing trend among men in 20s or in the hipster crowd,” Jennex says. “This look requires very little maintenance. Most likely, there was little to no product used in this photo. If any product is used, I would say maybe a gel similar to Bumble and bumble Gel.”

London Look

“For spring, short on the sides with length on top is very clever and also easy to manage for different occasions,” says Flavio Oliveira, owner of Mode A Salon in Bronxville.

“During the day and at work, those who like a wet look on the sides can use gel, or wear your hair dry and comb it all the way to the back, creating a serious look for the office. At night or for the weekend, simply spike it up,” he advises.


Grunge Rocker

“This is the new look for your lived-in haircuts. Let your barber or stylist give a cut that looks like it’s a few weeks old,” says Michele Lisa Milazzo, owner of Michele Lisa Salon in Cortlandt Manor.


Blended Taper

Blended Taper Cut

This style starts from zero at the bottom and is blended into a long top.

“The top is very flexible,” says Peter Palushi, owner of the Gentleman’s Barber Spa in White Plains. “It can be styled straight back, pompadour, or to the side”


High Fade Pompadour

“This is a look where the sides are typically faded from shortest at the hairline, gradually getting longer toward the top, and the hair on top is left long and usually slicked back,” Jennex says.


Side Part Coif

“A high fade meets undercut with a true off-to-the-side Coif,” says Milazzo.



“This look is super in right now with men. It is easy to maintain and very versatile as well,” says Oliveira. “To style it, you can use pomade, and I recommend Original Pomade by Oribe. It helps to create an uncomplicated style without making your hair heavy, and also contains UV protection.”




Taper Back with Classic Side Part

“I find that men are going more for the shorter cuts than keeping their hair long,” Palushi says.

Taper Back with Classic Side Part

Taper Back with Classic Side Part

Hard Part and High Fade

This style features faded sides with length on top, “but it also shows a very hard part in the hair,” says Jennex. “This is a retro look that most men in the 1950s wore. It created a very polished and professional look.” 


The Classic

“Short everywhere; men love it and always ask for it. Doesn’t change and keeps it simple. Sometimes, less is more,” says Oliveira. “For those who like short hair, it’s best to have a haircut every four weeks to maintain it, and use a good shampoo to help the hair grow healthy and shiny. My recommendation is Signature Shampoo from Oribe, a daily shampoo with UV protection.” 

Wash & Go 

Wash & Go 


Wash and Go

This look is “easy to keep,” according to Palushi.


2015 Meets 2030

“Euro edge and mucho texture, this cut is for those who want that sculpted and statement trending look,” Milazzo remarks.


Medium Length Texturized Haircut

A more common look, this style features shorter sides and some length on top with a clean hairline, according to Jennex. “This look is acceptable in professional environments and can also be styled to be more edgy and fun,” she says.

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